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Post by Ebilkitty on Thu Feb 13, 2014 8:07 pm

A Harry Potter roleplay set in an alternate universe in the future. All protagonists that have died over the course of the series are now considered to be alive for the purposes of this roleplay. Dumbledore retired as Headmaster and gave the position to Snape.

The characters who went to Hogwarts over the course of the seriess are now grown up and their children are attending.


Years have gone by since Voldemort was defeated. His followers have either ended up in Azkaban or forbidden to ever use magic again.

Lucius Malfoy has gone insane from his time in Azkaban and eventually has disillusioned himself into assuming the role of Voldemort. With the help of Narcissa and fellow Deatheaters he has escaped Azkaban and they are both currently plotting to avenge their defeated master.

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