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General Site Rules

Post by Ebilkitty on Thu Feb 13, 2014 7:14 pm

1. Have fun
2. No sexual themed roleplays what so ever outside of the mature section. If two lovers are in a scene and they feel the need to do something sexual, take it to the mature section. If you are under 18 and don't have access to the mature section, timeskip over it.
3. no posting of hentai or NSFW images.
4. foul language is allowed in Roleplays, if a given situation calls for it. (Like two characters have an argument and they feel the need to use foul language to call each other names.) The posts of profanity must last no longer that 5 posts max before the characters have to walk away and give up their profane argument.
5. Don't have your characters start arguments all the time just so you can have them swear at each other. (We know what you are doing with that.)
6. As for foul language outside of roleplay, again, mild swearing is allowed, but do try to hold long and intelligent conversations with each other without dropping an F-bomb or S-bomb multiple times in a single post, every post.
7. No god-modding or power play, unless it's extremely mild and both controllers of the characters involved agree to it.
8. No attacking any other person on site for whatever reason. No flaming of people for race, creed, religion, or sexual orientation.
9. This is not a dating site. No asking of personal information from users. Like addresses, home phone numbers, etc.
10. The fourth wall does not exist.
11. Original characters are welcome
12. There is no set character limit. Claim as many characters as you think you can keep up with.
13.  Death does not last long in the Crossover world.  If a character dies from battle or whatever, they will be magically revived 24 Crossover world Hours or real world hours, later whichever comes first.
14. One alternate account allowed per user. Please specify in your profile comments on both accounts what the alternate account is (see my profile for an example)
15. No hotlinking images from 4chan.
16.  Taking a break once in awhile is ok, but if you are gone for 6 months or more we are going to assume you don't want to play anymore and any characters you had when you were playing, if they are important to the story they become NPCs until they are able to logically be written out or simply disappear.


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